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As one door closes...

We're all aware of the old adage: "As one door closes... another opens" yet is that something we can count on and wait for? Not in my experience. It makes good sense to start knocking though. Whether we are applying this metaphor to a professional career or to a personal health challenge a "door closing" warrants thorough review and understanding. In both contexts it's noteworthy that a "door closing" simply takes that one single option off the table. While in the immediate aftermath, especially if it has come unexpected, it may well appear as though your options have been limited or perhaps even what you had perceived as your best option has been eliminated, you have the option to spin it to your advantage and ask yourself "with that option off the table, what are my alternatives and might one or more prove advantageous going forward"?

This was certainly the case when as a young man in university studying Psychology and Biology I was injured and given an ultimatum by a neurosurgeon who insisted I have a high risk diagnostic procedure done, with no other option, or he was "done with me" and I had "no chance of recovery". The procedure could leave me paralyzed as I had learned firsthand from another of his patients who had complied and was left crippled. One door closed... and I was initially desperate and confused as to what to do. Fortunately I decided to take action and "knock at another door" that I would not have considered previously. I choose to seek out an alternative doctor who proved to have a very different approach, solving my serious health issues non-invasively and re-directing my career path in a wonderful new direction and opening hundreds of new deeply gratifying doors since.

I have witnessed and personally experienced similar "blessings in disguise" countless times since. In fact, one of the most profoundly useful interventions in my work assisting individuals in performing at a higher level, has been focusing on "resolving interference's or limitations to healing resources". I frequently guide clients to reflect on their current circumstances using questions like:

"If this was happening for a reason and had a positive intent, what might that be?"

"How can I use my current situation to learn and grow in new ways that are consistent with my higher values and goals?"

"How can I use my circumstances to learn how to add more value to others?"

Utilize the power of new more resourceful questions to transform your perspectives and create new ways of thinking, feeling and being (behaving). Learn to do so consistently and experience your real power to transform any angst around "doors that are closing" to enthusiasm around "exploring what awaits you behind new doors".

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