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Professional Services: Service

Strategic Product and Program Development

Expert Perspective, Creativity & Ingenuity

Do you have an idea, product or program that you want to develop and ensure its success? The depth and diversity in our experience at Health Coach positions us to provide insight and guidance to those developing innovative new products and programs for their  clients.

We've been thought leaders in health care for decades and led numerous innovations from start to finish on multiple fronts. Services are customized to meet the goals and specific needs of each client.

Dr. Percival will be your lead on most projects and will work collaboratively throughout the entire process, guaranteeing measurable results. Book your Introductory Consult today.


Corporate Well-Being & Value-based Population Health

Optimize Results - Prevent the Preventable - Enhance Value

Dr. Percival led the development of data collection, analysis and reporting systems within the US healthcare system for the better part of the last 2 decades. Billions of dollars in corporate and consumer health spending was evaluated and the results were shocking and represented very poor value for risk-holders (those who pay for and depend on health service providers). Today's healthcare systems have been set up largely by service providers and third party payers, not by the patients who they serve. They are based on a "fee for service" model of compensation that has proven low value and high cost. Significant health data is often missing or lost in the system and key health trends are poorly tracked. Conditions that take decades to develop and are generally preventable, continue to be diagnosed far too late, when prevention is no longer an option. This "after-the-fact" approach results in unnecessary suffering and costly care, where excessive fees are often paid to the "disease care" providers. This is especially true in the US, where well-intentioned companies incur the majority of these costs at the expense of both profits and other important employee and shareholder benefits. For corporations who are committed to ending the wasteful and abusive practices in today's health care and are open to implementing value-based changes, consulting with Health Coach is a wise investment. If you have not done so already, book your complimentary Introductory Consult call today and then use this service to book follow up work as guided by Dr. Percival and his team.

Clapping Audience

Health Care Practice Development

Expert Guidance – Proven Approach - Expand on Performance & Prevention

Health Care Practices are like snowflakes, being as unique as the health professional in charge. Like their patients and clients, they require personal attention, founded on clear, concise goals followed by execution based on the timeless principles that dictate success. Few professional practice programs are designed to effectively assist health professionals in understanding their end goals and taking consistent principle-centered actions toward them. This is the forte of Dr. Percival and Health Coach®. Under the leadership of Dr. Percival and the expert health care team he assembled over the years, hundreds of professional health care practices have flourished, bringing superior care and results to hundreds of thousands of patients across two continents. The insights gleaned have led to the development of products, tools and clinical systems that will take your practice to new levels of success with unique practicality, integrity and ease. Learn new ways to engage your community and those who seek your care and to assess their health and related needs in ways that will prove as effect as they are innovative in today's health care marketplace. 
If you have not done so already, please schedule your Introductory Consult today to discover what role we may play in your success. If we decide we are the right fit and proceed, you will use this booking service to schedule time for our work on your behalf as guided by Dr. Percival.

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