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Personal Health Care Consultation

  • 25 min
  • 97 U.S. dollars
  • Online webinars, teleconference and remote

Service Description

Are you less than certain about the assessments, diagnoses and care you are receiving? Do you think you may benefit from the advice of a health professional who has "seen it all" and investigated most approaches for their efficacy? A central mission of Dr. Percival and Health Coach has been to discover what really works in health care and how to make it more accessible to all. While Health Coach no longer operates a clinical facility or provides medical care to patients, we are expertly equipped to provide the 3rd party guidance and consultation so often missing in clinical settings. Having led one of the largest integrative functional medicine clinics in North America for 3 decades, while coaching hundreds of primary contact health professionals across all major disciplines, Dr. Percival gained extraordinary insight into what assessments and interventions improve peoples health, consistently and cost effectively. If you have not done so already, schedule your Introductory Consultation to learn if we are a good fit. Following that complimentary call, if you are ready to take your nutrition, lifestyle and health care to a new level you will book your Personal Health Care Consultations here as guided by Dr. Percival.

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