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Academic and Professional Background

Decades of Innovation & Leadership

Health Coach

Founder - CEO 1986-2020

V-Metrics: The Health Creation Lab

Co-Founder - CEO 2020-present

Sep 1986 – 2020

Vision, Relationships, Execution, Excellence
Build strong, dedicated team of uniquely talented and skilled professionals.
Identify what actually represents good health and what consistently supports it.
Develop the tools and delivery systems required to educate health providers, patients and public as to what works and how to access it to achieve superior results.
Plan, direct and implement policies, objectives, business development and operations. 
Technology development and operations, from product design, specifications, through production and testing.
Establish departmental responsibilities and coordinate functions among departments and sites.
Develop universal clinic operating systems for Functional Integrative Medicine, from Patient Assessment, Education and Treatment to Fee Schedules and Scripts for Patient Communication.
Deliver presentations for international markets (health professionals and public), write articles, or present information at meetings or conventions to promote new paradigms, services, exchange ideas and accomplish strategic objectives.
Publishing, Health Coach Publishing
Author – Books and Educational materials, with latest being “Shape Shift, The Shape Intelligence Solution”, co-authored with Dr. Gregory Kelly, N.D.

TrendShift LLC
Co-Founder, CEO, COO, Sr. Management Consultant

May 2012 – Mar 2017

Vision, Product Design and Development, Operations, IT Management, Staff and Client Relationships
Analyzed and compared value received for more than $4 billion in health plan spending

LifeStrive LLC
Co-Founder, CEO, COO, Sr, Management Consultant

Aug 2007 – May 2012

Leadership: Vision, Values, Product Design and Development, Operations, Staff and Client Relationships, Sales and Contracting.
Developed proprietary risk management system for Population Health

Signature Health Partners LLC
Co-Founder, Product Owner, Medical Director

Feb 2002 – Oct 2005

Vision, Product Design and Development, Sales and Marketing, Medical Education and Product Training
Developed first custom nutrition software and delivery system to factor in chronobiology, diet and lifestyle-nutrient, drug-nutrient and nutrient-nutrient interactions.

Natural HealthLink LLC
Medical Director, Product Research and Development, Business Development, Sr. Management Consultant

Mar 1999 – Dec 2001

Senior consultant to executive team, business and product development, sales and marketing, manager - key vendor relationships, co-medical director, senior director: client education and product training

Innovative Practice Solutions LLC
Co-Founder, Product Owner, Director of Education, Client (Doctors and Clinical Assistants) Training and Relationships

Sep 1996 – Jan 1998

Integrative Functional Medicine Clinical Systems Design and Development (Clinical Operating System Design and Development including Patient Assessment and Integrative Treatment Protocols, Medical Education and Training)

Metagenics Canada
Owner-Founder, CEO

Feb 1982 – Oct 1990

Nutritional Product Registration Importation and Quality Analytics, Clinical Research, Product Refinement, Warehousing, Sales, Marketing and Distribution, Doctor and Patient Education Program Development and Training

Health Coach Wellness & Vitality Center
Founder, Medical Director

Sep 1980 – Jul 2013

Vision, Leadership, Clinical Services, Personnel, Patient Care, Integrative Functional Medicine Program Design and Development (assessment, treatment and patient self-care components), Clinical Operating System Development, Marketing
Developed clinical systems to support integrative functional medicine best practices that were modeled internationally.

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