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  Enhancing Vitality, Performance & Health

Human Beings and the organizations we create have untapped potential.
Let our 35 years of experience at Health Coach support you in exploring yours.



Health Coach excels in assisting those interested in improving human health and performance. We work with people who are facing personal health challenges and want to optimize their response and recovery and we work with organizations who are committed to developing and delivering products and services that improve lives. We believe the foundation of superior performance and results is  learning to consistently access more of our inherent potential. We are not "limitless" as some claim yet we all have limitations that can be overcome through consistent principle-centered actions.

Health Coach was founded back in the mid-80's in order to provide clinical practices with better tools to inspire, educate and support patients and public in accessing more of their inherent potential for health, healing and superior performance. All health care providers achieve superior results when working WITH their patients and clients and not just ON them. Sustainable improvements in health and performance are more frequently the result of "inside-out" pursuits and the direct result of changes individuals make in how they think, feel and act. It makes poor sense to rely solely on the "outside-in" approach of conventional medical service providers when pursuing superior results.


Measuring objective changes in health and performance with many thousands has led to insights, tools and approaches that foster exceptional results. To this day, many of the most reliable steps to superior outcomes are still poorly understood or applied by individuals and organizations alike. Sub-optimal health, performance and results are the consequence.


Everyone benefits from exceptional coaching. Engage the practical wisdom of Health Coach to augment your results and "Let the proof of the pudding be in its tasting".

Service Snapshots

We work with clients who are engaging goals that we are also passionate about and where we have something special to offer. Clients range from individuals to organizations who value their human capital highly (inclusive of employees, their families and customers) and seek to better their lives, health and performance. All services are customized to the client. We have no finite "canned" products or services.

Strategic Consultation & Program Development

A Comprehensive Approach

Our services are customized to meet the specific goals and needs of each client. We work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results in every engagement. 40 years in leadership within the health care industry has led to very special insights and relationships with uniquely skilled health and technology professionals. Contact us to find out how we may assist you and your organization.

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Product & Program Design

Expert Guidance

Do you have a project or idea that you’d love to bring to life? Since founding our business, we have provided clients with a wide range of health related product and program consulting services. From concept through to design, development and launch, we have a depth of experience in the health industry that has resulted in a unique skill set and value proposition. Contact us to learn if we are a good fit.

Giving a Presentation

Personal & Corporate Health Care Consultation

Expert Guidance

Whether you are seeking personal health care advice or investigating solutions to your organizations Population Health challenges, collaborating with Health Coach is likely to make a major difference to your outcomes. Schedule your Introductory Consult today. The first is on us!

Doctor and Patient

“I could see the unique value of Health Coach and the work Dr. Percival was leading there immediately. The insights gleaned and tools provided impacted me personally and professionally to the point where I felt I had to partner more closely and further the work being done. That was more than a decade ago and the rewards have been many and extraordinary.

Dr. David H. Haase

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